Scissor Sharpening Machine

The $87,500 Value Advantage

Have you considered the value advantage of the Diamond Rose Superior Sharpening System?

Most people are aware of the advantage of purchasing quality products. If you spend $7.00 on a shirt that will only last through seven washings, it costs more than a $20.00 shirt that will last several years. Buying tires with a 50,000 mile rating is far better than purchasing some off brand unwarranted tire for your car. It is not just the wear, but the danger posed to you and your family driving on a tire that is unreliable.

These same principles are worth looking at if you are considering the purchase of a scissors sharpening machine. The following are some areas worth consideration:


  1. The quality of the training. When starting a new business, you need more than just a functioning machine. You need to learn about the market you will be serving.
    1. What are the basics needs of your stylist customer?
    2. How often do they need their scissors sharpened?
    3. How will you deal with the competition?
    4. Do you have a unique factor?
    5. Is price the only way you can compete?
  2. What is the capability of the machine you plan to use?
    1. Will it allow you to restore the convex edge on the customer’s shear?
    2. Can you match or restore the 800 millimeter radius on the Japanese style hair cutting scissors?
    3. What is the durability of your machine? If it breaks down, how long will you be out of business?
    4. What are the operational costs?
    5. Does your machine provide a unique factor? Is there a story the customer can relate to?
  3. Will you be viewed as a “professional” or will you appear the same as some homeless person coming in off the street.

Walk through this exercise with me. Let’s say your goal is to sharpen an average of seven pair of scissors every day. Now let’s assume that you have spent the extra money for a patented Diamond Rose Superior Sharpening System. Do you believe you will get more or less business when you tell the stylist “you never have to worry about scissors being damaged or ruined again”? (Our experience is that you do in fact get more business.)

Now let’s make another assumption. Because you do a better job sharpening, do you believe you can charge $35.00 each? We have people in the field proving this every day. The average price charged by the competition seems to be in the $25.00 range, giving you an extra $10.00 for each pair of scissors you sharpen. The math is pretty simple – an extra $10.00 on seven scissors per day equals an extra $70.00 per day, $350.00 per week and $17,500 per year. That means you can earn an extra $87,500 in just five years.

That is just the $10.00 per shear advantage. If you add in the satisfaction of your customers, the referrals you will receive and the scissors sales you can make to your satisfied and loyal customers. The $87,500.00 can be a low estimate of the additional money you can earn because you purchased quality rather than trying to find the cheapest sharpening machine on the market.

One other item you may find even more important – the personal satisfaction of a job well done. It is easier to sleep well at night when you know you have provided the very best service for your stylist customer.

For more information, please call for a free copy of “The Art of Professional Scissors Sharpening” or ask to speak with WL Laney. The number to call is 303-217-8660 ext. 3.

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