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The Complete Business Package

The Diamond Rose Superior Sharpening service business is an ideal business. All the customers are easy to reach, they all need and more importantly want the service you are offering and are simply waiting behind an unlocked door available during business hours. Combine ready access to a prospect base that wants the service with a precise and accurate sharpening service and a high-quality line of products that are easy to sell while performing the service and you have – THE PERFECT BUSINESS.

Imagine a Six Figure business that will fit in the trunk of almost any car.

All you need to add is your drive and desire to succeed. After an intense week of training on our system you will return to your home town with the self-confidence to claim the title of “The Best Scissors Sharpener in Your Area.” The system and intensive training provide you with the all the confidence you need to become a professional in this little known but highly lucrative market space.

A highly lucrative, easily transportable, complete business, all on one little hand truck.

That’s right! Everything you need to make a six figure income is right here in this picture.

Every tool and supply required to operate your sharpening business. The patented machine itself provides repeatable precise results every single time. And your very own shear case with 30 of our most popular shears.

Combine this with our advanced intensive training and you have everything you need to make your financial future secure.


You walk into a new salon and make your simple, under one minute presentation.

This quick introduction is all the marketing you need. In our standard marketing package we provide:

  • Sales and marketing training from the week of intensive training.
  • 300 Scissors Care Guides: Our Scissors Care Guide is an easy to read help for stylists, in it we explain how to care for their shears.
  •  100 Musashi Shears Catalogs: Our catalog shows all the shears we have available and has a great description of each.
  • Your salon list. This is a complete list of salons in your territory.
  •  Sales Assistance: You will have access to one of our top sales people for help in developing your sales skills in the field.

The Machine that Refined an Industry

Here it is, there is no other machine on the planet that is as precise as the Diamond Rose Shears Superior Sharpening System. A completely self-contained machine combined with our proprietary 20 step sharpening process, has revolutionized the sharpening industry. We produce perfect results every single time.

The patented machine makes all the difference in the world. A Diamond Rose Sharpener literally has no competition because no one else can return shears to factory new specifications.

As a certified D.R.S. Sharpener you will stand head and shoulders above all other sharpeners in your area and rapidly build a loyal following.

No other sharpener can produce perfect results every time.