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“... " I love my new business. It is so great dealing with a wonderful bunch of people in the hair styling business ...”
John Tergina
John T
The incredible Diamond Rose Superior Scissors Sharpening Machine

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Sell Haircutting Shears

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* Get the full turn-key Business Package
* Call on the Beauty Salons and Barbershops in your neighborhood.

* Sharpen and sell Professional Hair Cutting Scissors

Service Only

* Focus on sharpening hair cutting scissors.

Sell Shears

* No service, just lucrative Sales!

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“..."I recommend the Diamond Rose Sharpening System to anyone who would like to control their time and make an above average income. It is great to have the freedom to enjoy the money while you are earning it ...”
Mitzi C. - Sharpener/Sales
A retired pastor begins a new career with Diamond Rose Shears.
“I am grateful for the opportunity to use my “people skills” in this new promising career without regard to my age.”

Don H.

“I’ve got to tell you that ever since we bought into Diamond Rose and started doing it, it has freed up our lives incredibly. I have doubled my income in a year, which I wasn’t expecting to do for probably another two or three years. We have a ton of time. It’s Tuesday, midday and I still haven’t gone to work yet. And basically, if you are thinking about doing it, just stop thinking and you just need to do it. There are very few things that I know about that you can make this much money and have this type of freedom.”

Jonathan K.

Paris A. is one of our distributors in the country of Greece. He reports that amazement is the best way to describe the stylist’s reaction when he sharpens with the Diamond Rose Superior System. Paris could not work his route initially because of all the referrals he had calling to please come sharpen their shears.

Paris A.

 “I was amazed how much better the Diamond Rose Superior Sharpening System worked on the shears. Having the scissor returned to factory new cutting condition is just great.”

Mary Ann M. is a former hair stylist turned Diamond Rose Distributor. She is having a great time sharpening and is using a good friend to help with the selling.

Mary Ann M.

About Author

WL Laney

Here is how we meet a pressing need in the marketplace.

There are more than 250,000 beauty salons and barbershops in the United States. 

Each location has an average of three to five stylists.

Some larger salons may have as many as twenty operators or more.

Each hair stylist and barber need three to six sharpenings every year. 

Hair keeps on growing regardless of which direction the stock market is moving.

That fact makes it a recession-proof industry.

We have determined after more than fifteen years of experience; one sharpener can handle about 200 salons.

Our company’s patented sharpening machine is the only one in the world that will allow the operator to restore dull haircutting scissors to factory new specifications.

"You can join this very lucrative segment of the multi-billion dollar beauty industry. Get your free book today, start your new home-based business immediately after your training program is complete (we have classes every month."

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Proven Ways To Grow Your income Faster!

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