Our History

No one thinks of scissors as being a part of the tech world. But if that’s what you think, you’re wrong. Scissors technology remained relatively constant from around the Bronze Age up to about the latter half of the 18th century when the modern scissors design was first mass produced. This design (what is known as a German style shear) then remained pretty much constant all the way through the middle of the twentieth century.

Around the mid-1950s, the Japanese style hair cutting shear was invented. This unique technological shift changed the design of the blades adding a convex edge,allowing them produce a cleaner, sharper cut and added a radius on the blade that actually held the hair in place when the stylist was cutting so they no longer had to chase the hair with each cut.

The technology used to sharpen any blade (shears included) remained pretty much fixed for several thousand years. A grinding wheel was the technology of choice. In the early 20th, century the wheel was motorized and the modern grinder was born. This technology works fine for knives, axes, lawnmower blades and German style shears. The problem is that about 90% of the shears in use by stylists today are the newer Japanese style shears. Put a Japanese style shear on a grinder and you will destroy it.

The sharpening industry then began a slow move to what is known as a flat hone machine or a water hone machine. This technology allowed the sharpener to at least convex the edge but made no provision for the radius that the manufacturers designed into the blade to hold the hair when cutting. 

sharpening Machine-Drawing

It was nearly a decade ago that WL Laney went out to the stylist’s world and discovered that every stylist had the same issue. Every shear after sharpening – even if the blades were sharp – no longer worked the same way it did when it was new. For WL this was a revelation!

Part of the definition of a perfect business is that you need a universe of prospects that all have the same problem that no one has figured out how to address. WL took that challenge and after two years of development and testing, patented the Diamond Rose Superior Sharpening System: the only precision sharpening machine in the world that can consistently return shears to factory new condition every time. This was truly, “The Birth of a New Machine.”

In addition he revolutionized the sharpening industry by providing, at long last, a way to exceed the needs and desires of the stylists worldwide.

For the last decade we have been providing a great small business opportunity to distributors across the US, Canada, and other locations around the world.

Meet The Team

WL Laney

WL Laney  Founder

Serial Entrepreneur, Inventor, Author and Founder of Diamond Rose Shears and Musashi Shears. For 50 years, WL has pursued his dream of business ownership. He has done everything from being the top real estate salesman in his area to becoming a real estate developer. He was a multi-unit franchise owner of 24 Hair Salons. He even ran his own business brokerage helping people buy and sell businesses. Bestselling author WL Laney has authored several books, How to Be Boss In A Hurry, The Six Figure Sharpener (available on Kindle), The Art and Science of Professional Scissors Sharpening (available on Amazon) and his newest book, Ready Aim Inspire.

Coleen Laney

Coleen Laney  Co-Founder

Coleen has been involved in the design and development of the Diamond Rose Shears business since before the name was even selected. She currently handles the management of our administrative operations guiding our staff in our efforts to be sure our customers are treated like family.

William Laney

William Laney Trainer/Technical Support 

William, son of WL and Coleen owns and operates his own scissors sharpening and sales business in Scottsdale, Arizona. For the past several years he has handled training and technical support. As a result of his experience and knowledge of both the industry and intimate history with the patented Diamond Rose Superior Sharpening System, there is not a more qualified individual to provide the training you need to start your profitable sharpening business.

Amber Laney

Amber Laney  Office Accounting and Support

Amber, William’s wife, works as a special assistant to Coleen. Her focus is on accounting and administering our popular interest-free scissor payment plans.


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