Scissor Sharpening Machine

Starting your own scissors sharpening and sales business may be the easiest business to start and operate at a profit.  The key factors are:

1. Ease of entry – You can begin earning money at the conclusion of your intensive week of training.  There is no need for a college education, two years of trade school or other expensive time consuming preparation.

2. Low entry cost – with a total investment of less than $30,000.00 you can have our entire business package which includes 1) the patented Diamond Rose Superior Sharpening Machine 2) a complete accessories package with all the hand tools, honing stones and an initial set of sharpening supplies to get you started.

3. Easy marketing plan – There is no need to budget for the typical marketing expenses to get a business started.  With our business all you need is included in your initial marketing kit.  Take what we provide and go to the salons in your local area.  The stylists are waiting in the salon for you to come and sharpen their existing scissors and show the new shears you have in your 30-shear marketing kit.  There is no need to enlist your friends and relatives help finding prospects to sell your products and services to – just call on the salons!

4. Ease of developing long-term, loyal customers.  Do a good job for your stylist customer and they will stick with you for the months and years to come.  They appreciate a job well-done!

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