Is it possible to double your income? What could you do if you doubled your sales? How would the additional sales volume impact your life?


One proven way to increase sales is to develop and utilize a “unique factor”. What is the key differentiator for your business? Why should your prospect use you instead of your competitor?


One of the most important keys to successful selling is knowing why your customer is better with you then with your competitor. Take a moment and make a list of at least five reasons why your customer should use you and your services. When you have your list completed, make an analysis of these reasons.

Rearrange your list by order of priority.  Now look at the number one reason on your list. Can you develop a unique factor based on that reason? How important is it to your customer? Is it easy to quantify the difference? Is your customer going to save money, time, or frustration?


There are many reasons why customers pick a particular product or supplier. It is a serious mistake to think that price issue only competitive option. Many people understand the value of quality and will pay the extra to obtain it. Sometimes all it takes is “risk reversal”. Many stores now offer risk reversal as a means to obtain their higher price for their quality products.


As an example when hairstylists attended beauty show, they lose a significant risk reversal factor. By that I mean: if you buy it you own it. There is no giving it back if you are not satisfied with the way the scissors perform. If you are selling to the stylist in the salon this can be a huge advantage for you. Simply offer a money back guarantee. The stylist is normally willing to pay more if they do not have to assume the risk of dissatisfaction with a product.


Perhaps this can be your unique factor. “Buy from me, your satisfaction is always guaranteed.”


Another unique factor could be your use of the Diamond Rose Superior Sharpening System. With this patented sharpening machine you can restore the scissors to their original factory new cutting condition. No one else can do that. As a unique factor, this is a big advantage. The stylist have a large investment in even their less expensive scissors. Your ability to sharpen them without damaging or ruining the scissors is a huge comfort to the stylist.


Go through the remaining items on your checklist of advantages looking specifically for a “unique factor”. The more ways you can stand head and shoulders above the competition the easier it will be to double your income. I do want to offer one caveat here. You do need to make your customer aware of your unique factors. So education as part of your sales presentation is key to having your customer understand the value of working with you.


For more information call 303-217-8660 extension three and ask for your free copy of “The Art of Professional Scissors Sharpening” by WL Laney.

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