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Earn an above average income Sharpening and Selling professional hair cutting scissors!

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Sharpening hair scissors is a little-known niche in the multi-billion dollar beauty industry just waiting for you.

Our patented sharpening system allows you to beat the competition in quality by returning the scissor blade to factory-new specifications. 

Your stylist/barber customer will be delighted with the results you provide.  Enhance your success by employing personalized customer service techniques to please your customers and further stymie your competition.

First, consider the advantages of a home-based business:

1. Minimum overhead. There is no commitment to a lease on additional space – by definition, you are working from your home. That means no additional utilities, janitorial services, minimal increased insurance costs and no real risk. You need a place to live anyway.

2. Employees are optional – If you do hire employees, they can work from their home as well.

3. There are no fixed expenses for rent, utilities and other office related expenses.

4. Tax advantages of business ownership.

5. Set your hours, days off and vacation time to suit your needs and desires.

6.  This is the best one.  Set your income level.  You choose when and how much you want to work.

The business package I am recommending has several unique factors that make your success possible.

1. A needy industry. Ruth Stafford Peal, wife of the Reverend Norman Vincent Peal said, “Find a need and fill it.” The professional beauty industry is, according to Statista.com, an $84 billion-dollar industry. There are up to  1,000,000 hair stylists and barbers are using scissors to cut their customer’s hair. Here is the need – scissors get dull with use and need to be repaired (sharpened) or replaced. The typical haircutter purchases one new pair of scissors each year. A good quality pair of hair cutting scissors should be sharpened every 90 days. A poor quality in a busy salon is likely to need sharpening every month.

2. We have a competitive advantage. I hold a patent on the only sharpening machine in the world that will return haircutting scissors to factory specifications in the sharpening process. Talk to any professional hair stylist or barber and you will hear horror stories about sharpeners who have damaged and or ruined the scissors they were hired to sharpen. If you talk to our competitors, you will learn we are the one they all hate because they cannot match our precision.

Your advantage when you purchase our business package is the ability to restore dull scissors and to sell quality shears at an affordable price.

3. Our unique factor.  Our unique factor is found in our patented sharpening system, our premium quality proprietary shears and our complete business package.

4. Large Market to work.

Most people have never heard of this very lucrative segment of the beauty industry. Remember the last time you drove around town; how many beauty salons and barber shops did you see? If your town is like the rest of the country, you saw one on every corner and sometimes two or more in a single shopping center. Nationally, there are about two hundred and fifty thousand beauty salons here in the United States. In the cities, each salon will have an average of five stylists each. In the rural areas, the average is lower due to the number of one-person salons. The exciting part is the fact that on average stylists purchase a new pair of hair cutting scissors every year. If you consider one sale at the low end of scissor costs of $175.00 per pair the market for new scissors is around 175 million dollars annually. If you use our average sales price of $550.00, the market is over a half billion dollars annually. You will be working with the individual stylist or barber in your chosen market area.

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The Only Scissor Sharpening Machine to
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Here is how the system works.

  1. Get your foot in the door offering sharpening and or restoration services for the hair cutters dull scissors.

Nearly everyone you find in the salon or barber shop needs your service today! The two determining factors are use, and quality of steel in the scissors. A good quality pair of scissors will need sharpening every 90 days in a busy salon or barbershop. A low-quality pair of scissors (in the $100 to $200) price range will need sharpening every month in a busy shop. Some haircutters who do not understand two very important things about their scissors may go a full year or even more between sharpening.

  1. They are unaware of the fact that dull scissors will break the hair causing split ends for their customer.

b.They are not aware of the cost in additional time spent on each haircut. How Do You Make Money? Just drive down the street and walk into the salon or barbershop.

There is no need for an appointment. Work during open hours and there is no need for marketing. The stylists and barbers are accustomed to people coming into their place of business offering them sharpening services.

Your only challenge when you first begin is to tell the prospect your story. Because you have purchased our patented sharpening machine, they never have to worry about damaged or ruined scissors again. As the word about your quality service spreads you will be welcomed into the salons and barbershops in your market area. Second, sell our premium quality proprietary brand of haircutting scissors.

The easiest way to sell shears is to put them in the prospects hands. Included in your purchase is a thirty shear inventory of our best selling Musashi Shears. Let your customer cut with one of your scissors while you sharpen theirs. The stylist or barber will experience the difference a quality tool makes as they cut hair with your demo scissors.

Our shears are priced about $100 less than comparable quality in other brands, and we offer an interest-free payment option to help the stylist/barber afford a quality pair of scissors.

How to Earn $80,000.00 or more Annually

  1. Sharpen ten pairs of scissors daily – $35.00 each equals $350.00 dollars – Times twenty days per month – times twelve months comes to $84,000 annually.

(After training and a few days sharpening in the field, you will be able to sharpen a pair of scissors in roughly twenty minutes. Ten pair will take approximately three and a half hours – leaving time to drive from salon to salon, set up and talk to your customer about the premium quality Musashi Shear.

2. Selling ten pairs per month will provide approximately $33,000 in commission for the year , that coupled with your sharpening fees of $84,000 makes a total of $117,000.00 which is all yours to spend as you like.

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